What We Do

Credo Global exists to bring clarity to complex social, economic, legal, technical, infrastructure challenges that nations, communities, organisations, face. Solutions are reached through a creative collaborative process that takes into account the context, history, trend analysis, empirical analysis and providing future casting, and designing innovative approach to facilitating viable sustainable solutions.These solutions may take diverse forms such as counsel, advisory and technical papers, workshops, seminars, conferences, or review of systems, changes in public policy and legislation etc as the need requires.

Credo Global operates with local partners in different countries to ensure sustainability. Credo Global works in diverse areas which includes but is not limited to humanitarian relief, training for refugees, combating violence against women and children, climate justice, reforms to criminal justice systems, gender justice, education, housing, information communication technologies, internet governance, human rights, training of judges, parliamentarians, public policy officials, legislative reforms etc.

Fundamentally, the services, we offer include:

  • Capacity Building Training and Mentoring
  • Public Policy Development
  • Legislative Framework and Drafting
  • Innovation
  • Trend Analysis and Future Casting
  • Review of Systems, Design and Reforms
  • Bespoke Training and Coaching
  • Facilitators
  • Incubation and Mentoring of Start Ups